Same Day Couriers


A messenger who transports goods or documents, in particular.

Send or transport (goods or documents) by courier.

messenger – runner – herald – express


A courier delivers messages, packages, and mail. Couriers are distinguished from ordinary mail services by features such as speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization and individualization of express services, and swift delivery times, which are optional for most everyday mail services. As a premium service, couriers are usually more expensive than usual mail services, and their use is typically restricted to packages where one or more of these features are considered important enough to warrant the cost. (From Wikipedia)


An arrow is a shafted projectile that is shot with a bow. It pre-dates recorded history and is common to most cultures. An arrow usually consists of a shaft with an arrowhead attached to the front end, with fletchings and a nock at the other. (From Wikipedia)

Same Day Courier

A same day courier (or sameday courier) collects documents or goods from one address and delivers them to another address – often on a direct, dedicated journey and usually (although not exclusively) on the same day.